Matthew Wright- Executive Producer/ Lead Designer, Wright Digital Media 2017

About Matthew Wright

Greetings and welcome to Wright Digital Media - glad you're here. My expertise in digital media is the culmination of formal training and decades of real world experience in traditional film, video, graphic and multimedia design, working in the corporate, advertising, motion picture, and education space; in creative, design, directorial, animation, technology, production management, film and video production and post-production, and web design and development, from Southwest Michigan to Los Angeles, and finally in Chicago where I've made my home.

I have always been fascinated with where storytelling, design and technology intersect. My career began in the 80's writing, producing and directing corporate video and local commercials; the 90's working in Los Angeles on national commercials and feature film productions; and into the new millenia as a director, editor and mograph designer, ending up in this last decade or so as a web designer and developer in Chicago. My career spans the development of digital media and I've had my hands in most of it on the content development side.

You can expect this from me. I'm genuinely interested in your project. I don't phone it in. I leverage my experience, aggressively maintain and update my skill-set, seek out and learn from feedback. It's easy when you love what you do and are always interested in what's next.

Volunteering with organizations I support has been rewarding on many levels. I have contributed to many causes over the years including Jeff Lowe's Metanoia and The Jeff Lowe Mountain Foundation, The Avenue of the Righteous, Illinois, Streeterville Neighborhood Advocates, and the Americans with Disabilities Art Exhibition. I've served on the Board of Directors and currently volunteer for a wonderful organization, Lemons of Love, Inc., a 501(c) non-profit that creates and distributes beautifully hand sewn chemo-care bags (containing wonderful chemo treatment relief products) to cancer patients going through chemotherapy at hospitals, oncology centers and clinics.

We all search for the things that make us happy and whole, I find mine through curiosity, service, and gratitude.

Wright Digital Media is available for hire on short or long term projects for web design and development. We also provide a complete digital video production, motion graphics and editing service including the full complement of Adobe CC and Final Cut Pro, Red Giant plugins, music & stock footage libraries and a comprehensive 4K cinema video production package with sound, grip and lighting. If you need bright, talented people with mad skill-sets that will make your product or service look it's best, we have them. Feel free to use the form below to get in touch to discuss your next project.