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The Value of Clean - an 'Info-motion' Graphic

The impetus of this project originated from ISSA's marketing team. They had designed the 'Value of Clean' infographic and asked for assistance on how this message could be taken to the next level. Big supporters and users of video as a marketing tool, they wanted to adapt this infographic to video. Enter Producer Chad Ericksen from Lakeshore Creative and Matthew Wright from WDM. As with any preliminary stage of creative, we looked at what was out there and were frankly disappointed with what we found, beautifully designed infographic art denigrated to simple animated text with no flare or even worse, PowerPoint slide shows accompanied by a single track music bed transferred to video.

Our client was ecstatic with our solution and execution. The infographics elements where preserved, enhanced and brought to life with animation, sound effects, music mix and professional voice talent. Delivered in both English and Spanish languages, ISSA declares "The Value of Clean" has been one of their most successful digital campaigns to date.

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Now more than ever, the ability to attract, engage and bring visitors back to your website is critical to the success of your company. A successful motion graphic speaks visually and effectively to the target audience, working to increase engagement, encourage action, and impact change.

Motion Graphics Increase Visitor Engagement: 'Life or Death Decision'

Fresh Start Sober Living wanted to add unique content to their website, messaging the could get multiple uses in different media. Our goal was to tell the story of how to break the deadly cycle of addiction by illustrating how sober living, as a component of substance abuse treatment aftercare, increases the success rate of recovering addicts.

Having a good idea of who our audience was, first we engaged and interviewed clinical addiction specialists, collected data and mapped out the information flow, constructed an engaging narrative and ultimatly let the data tell the story. After many iterations consisting mostly of reorganizing and chipping away at excess data, we arrived at a robust information graphic. Next, we brought the infographic to life with animation, sound design and professional voice talent.

We delivered the Information Graphic (in the sidebar on the right), a 4:50 min and 2:30 min 'Info-motion' graphic video(s) and a 6' X 1' vertical hanging tradeshow banner. Fresh Start's website experienced decreased bounce rates, more social shares and ultimately increased visitor engagement.

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Why you need video marketing...

Statistics tell us that your website visitors and social media audience loves video more than anything else. They can't get enough of it, and according to Syndacast, 74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video related content. Whether your goal is to sell products, communicate a brand, explain a process, introduce a concept, push an initiative, or share what it is that you do, the absolute best way is to do that is to tell a story through video. The bottom line is this: Video is the preferred communication method on the web today and we don't see that changing any time soon.

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